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Looking To Sell Your Car? 

We know you look after your car, so why get a low valuation when you can get more? At Integra Motor Group in Centurion and Roodepoort you can! Our procurement process is designed to help you sell your car for more. 

Our Selling Process
Quick and Easy





1. Contact Us. 

Our procurement team, combined, has over 10 year experience is sourcing and selling vehicles for our clients. Contact us to get the trade and retail price of your vehicle confirmed. 

Click here to let us know what type of vehicle you have for us to sell. 




2. Book In Your Vehicle. 

Once the Trade/ Retail and selling price has been confirmed you can now bring your car in for inspection at one of our branches in Centurion or Roodepoort.m 
Note: the procurement person will advise you on the best market related selling price.


Time to Sell
Now its time for our salesteam to get to work.





3. Leave Your Vehicle With us. 

Once you have booked in your vehicle and have completed the necessary documents you can now leave your vehicle with us for a min of 2 weeks.  During this period your vehicle will be advertised on 6 different sites to attract a buyer. 

Peace of mind: 
While your vehicle is at our floor it will be fully covered by our insurence. 






4. Payout.

As soon as your vehicle is sold we will notify you in order to process your payment.

Keep in mind: 
The payment process can take up to a few days to be processed. 



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