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Integra Care

(After Sales Service)

As an Integra Care Member, once registered you will enjoy a number of fantastic benefits that include:

  • Key find initiative: for those days where you seem to lose everything.
  • Centralized emergency services to the end roadside assistance.
  • Route direction services.
  • Renewal notification.
  • Take me home services when you should not be getting behind the steering wheel of a vehicle.

How to apply:

Once you purchase an AA road worthy vehicle from Integra Motor Group you receive a Key chain tag with a designated code that has been designed to give you both peace of mind and easy access to the above mentioned benefits.

This will be co-ordinate through the one-stop Mobility Club Call Centre to ensure that you have access to and assistance from any products or services that forms part of your vehicle purchase or that was registered by you.

In addition, if your ID key tag is misplaced or lost, the unique number will be reported by the finder, and Mobility Club will repatriate your keys to you, saving you the cost of replacement, and ensuring your personal liability is not exposed.

Integra care benefits:

One contact number:

As a subscribed member of Integra care you no longer need to look for all the critical information required in the event of an incident or emergency. one registered, all your chosen information will be securely centralized and logged with your call centre. All information supplied by you is strictly confidential.

Access to emergency medical assistance:

Should you require an ambulance or any medical assistance or advice, our call centre will respond or arrange this for you. your medical information, e.g. blood group, allergies, chronic conditions, est. will be made available to medical staff when you are treated at an incident, be it motor accident related or not, especially when away on holiday.

Roadside assistance:

To prevent 4 to 5 different calls being made when attempting to access your various service providers, after registering (your insurance company, medical aid company, next of kin, ect.) our call centre will contact all necessary numbers requested, and stay in touch with you until your challenge has been resolved.

Lost keys:

In the event that you misplace your keys, and a third party finds them, when they contact our call centre, the Integra Care id tag will identify you as the rightful owner, and Integra Care will retrieve and repatriate your keys to you. this saves you the immediate inconveniences, aw well as any costs and excesses to replace your keys.

Directions service:

One telephone call to an operator requesting directions, or the shortest route, in any major metropolitan area and the required assistance will be provided. the mapping system utilized is fully integrated with the facilities for dispatching, records management and state-of-the are communications capabilities.

As a registered Integra Care member, you now have the peace of mind that in the event of any other roadside challenge or medical emergency, or when misplacing your keys, you have the backup of the highly professional Integra Care team supporting you 24/7/365!